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Ancient Order of the Hibernians | Boy Scout/Cub Scout Troup 422
Venture Scout Crew | Catholic Daughters of America  
Veterans of St. Mary's 
Charles Carroll House | Cursillo | Knights of Columbus
Ladies Ancient Order of the Hibernians

The ministries found in this section are St. Mary’s chapters of national/international Catholic organizations with strong ties to our parish. These groups are composed almost entirely of St. Mary’s parishioners and provide services or events for our community, but operate independently and follow the rules of their parent organization. Also included in this group is the Charles Carroll House, an independent foundation, located adjacent to the St. Mary’s property.

Ancient Order of the Hibernians

An organization of Catholic men of Irish descent. The order was established in Ireland in 1565 to protect the Catholic Church and its priesthood. In America, one order was established in 1836 to assist Irish immigrants and preserve Irish culture and the Catholic faith.

The organization supports various Church sponsored service activities, including the Birthright program. Its primary charitable activity is support of the Northern Ireland Children's Friendship Project which brings pairs of children from Northern Ireland (one Catholic and one Protestant) to live together for six weeks with an American host family.

The Annapolis area Hibernian Order is named "The Commodore John Barry Division" in honor of the Irish American Revolutionary War hero, known as the "Father of the American Navy."

The Commodore John Barry Division sponsors and conducts various fundraising activities to provide needed support to the sponsored organizations and activities.


Ken Nolty
Phone: 410-370-6129

John O'Neill

Phone: 443-994-6519

Web Site:

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Cub Scout Troup 422

St. Mary’s Cub Scout Pack 422
(1st grade – 5th Grade)
Pack meeting are usually the 3rd Sunday of each month at 3:00pm
Location is usually St. Mary’s Marian Hall


Eric Peterson (Cubmaster)

Michelle Quintal (Committee Chair)
Phone: 808-781-7454

Cub Scout Promise

I promise
To do my DUTY to GOD
And my Country
To HELP other people, and
To OBEY the LAW of the Pack

Boy Scout Troop 422

St. Mary’s Boy Scout Troop 422
(end of 5th grade through age 18)
Troop Meetings are most Wednesday Evenings at 7:00pm
in St. Mary’s Marian Hall or West Annapolis Elementary School


Scoutmaster Rich Mount
Phone: 410-349-6205

David Yemc
Phone: 410-268-1981

Carla Wilcox (COR)
Phone: 443-994-9670

Boy Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

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Venturing Crew

St. Mary’s Venturing Crew 422
(14-21 years of age, Co-ed)
Crew Meetings are the first 2 Wednesdays of each month at either St. Mary’s Marian Hall or West Annapolis Elementary School . . . on the third Wednesday we have our famous “Restaurant Meeting” at a local restaurant
St. Mary’s Marian Hall.


Carla Wilcox (COR)
Phone: 443-994-9670

David Bourdon (Advisor)
Phone: 301-481-0117


Venture Oath

As a Venturer,
I promise to do my duty to God
and help strengthen America,
to help others, and
to seek truth, fairness,
and adventure
in our world

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Catholic Daughters of America

A national Catholic women's organization founded by the Knights of Columbus in 1903. The local court (Court Annapolis No.326) was founded in 1918, and for more than 75 years has been very active in supporting St. Mary's parish and schools, as well as giving service to the local community. They also sponsor "Operation Morning Star," the goal of which is to encourage Catholic women to speak out in the legislative arena (local, state, and national).


Jane Ciupek
Phone: 410-263-8421

Wendy Conti
Phone: 443-822-4414

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Veterans of St. Mary's (VSM)

ALL  veterans are invited to join Veterans of St. Mary's.

The Catholic War Veterans, Post 1965, has been re-named  VETERANS OF SAINT MARY’S (aka “VSM”), and has been re-structured to better serve our parish community. We are a parish organization with three primary goals:  (1) to provide assistance to needy veterans and their families, (2) to honor St. Mary’s veterans and their families for their service and the sacrifices they have made for our nation, and (3) to support the efforts of our other parish ministries and organizations.

If you are a peacetime or wartime veteran, and would like to join us, we meet at 7pm on the 4th Monday of every month in the Upper Sacristy (above the Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel at the rear of the church). If you or any member of St. Mary’s knows of a veteran or a veteran’s family who is in need of help, please contact VSM.


Mickey O'Malley
Phone:  410-923-0100

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Charles Carroll House

The seat of the Catholic Carrolls of Annapolis, the Charles Carroll House was the primary urban residence of its most famous owner, Charles Carroll of Carrollton.  Today, the property, on the grounds of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, is among the largest and most impressive historic sites in Annapolis.  It is owned by the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists), a Roman Catholic congregation of priests and brothers.  Celebrating three generations and an urban cultural landscape that spans over 300 years, the Carroll House is a restoration-in-progress.  This site bears great historical significance to the state of Maryland and America as the home of Charles Carroll the Settler, first Attorney General of Maryland, his son, Charles Carroll of Annapolis and his grandson, Charles Carroll of Carrollton (1737-1832).  Faced with both persecution and restrictions for his faith, Charles Carroll of Carrollton  secured his family’s vision of personal, political and religious freedom for all citizens when he became the only Catholic to sign the Declaration of Independence in 1776.  The Carroll House is one of only fifteen surviving signer’s birthplaces in the United States.


Eileen Leahy
Phone: 410-269-1737

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Cursillo deals with the basic ideals of our faith and aims to draw people into living their religion within the Christian community. The Cursillo movement began in the 1940's in Majorca, Spain, and has been growing in the U.S. since 1957. Within the Archdiocese of Baltimore, nearly 1,000 people have experienced a Cursillo weekend, including both Archbishops Keeler and Borders. Cursillo is a Catholic movement, and as such, is very much in line with the Roman Catholic Church as well as being Biblically based. It is important to remember that Cursillo is not a retreat, nor is it a group of "Super Christians." It is simply a method by which devoted Christians can better influence their environment.


Vicky Mundt  
Phone: 410-571-5558

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Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is the leading Catholic fraternal charitable and service organization.  Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism have been our Order’s principles since our founding in 1882.

With more than 14,000 councils and over 1.8 million knights, the Knights of Columbus raised and donated more than id=mce_marker51 million to charitable needs and projects, Knights volunteered more than 69 million hours of their time to charitable causes.  Our charitable activities encompass an almost infinite variety of local, national and international projects.  From international charitable partnerships with Special Olympics, the Global Wheelchair Mission and Habitat for Humanity to our own Food for Families and Coats for Kids projects and other purely local charities.  More than 413,000 Knights of Columbus blood donations during the year and among the most common service programs, Habitat for Humanity received 227,900 K of C volunteer hours.  Last year, the Knights of Columbus awarded scholarships totaling more than $1.6 million to 673 students.  During the past decade, the Knights of Columbus have donated more than $1.367 billion to charity, and provided nearly 640 million hours of volunteer service in support of charitable initiatives.

Similarly, the Knights of Columbus Annapolis Council has been providing much needed and appreciated financial and service since our founding in 1909!   In addition to local parish support to St. Mary’s Church in Annapolis and Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Edgewater, we have supported food pantries, homeless shelters, scholarships, victims of domestic violence, services to the mentally or physically challenged, and countless others in need. 

Imagine being part of an organization that fills your heart and your mind with the joy of giving to others and the feeling that comes with making a difference.

Knights are Catholic men, 18 years of age and older, who are committed to making their community a better place, while supporting their Church. Being a Knight is more than camaraderie; it is being involved with your community; it is supporting St. Mary’s Parish, while enhancing your own faith; it is about protecting and enhancing your family life.  

For an inspiring look at what it means to be part of the Knights of Columbus, see the video introduction, "In Service to One. In Service to All". 

Our eight-page Overview Booklet gives additional information about what it means to be a member of the Knights of Columbus. 

Hear what Knights have to say in their own words about their membership in the world's largest Catholic family service organization. "Experience of a Lifetime".


Marty Mardiros, Grand Knight
Phone: 410-320-1160


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Ladies Ancient Order of the Hibernians

The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians (LAOH) is a Catholic Action organization with a mission to foster our Irish heritage and Catholic faith through a wide range of religious and social events. The Anne Arundel County, Division 1 LAOH meets monthly on the third Sunday after the 9 AM Mass at St. John Neumann Church. We gather in Seelos Hall to plan, manage, and orchestrate a range of charity projects and spiritual and social events.

Our fundraising efforts generate financial support for the Columban Fathers and Sisters, the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Birthright as well as other local charities. The LAOH is a prayerful group and is involved in Days of Recollection and special Masses.

In addition, we are involved in Irish cultural events such as the Maryland and Annapolis Irish Festivals, Baltimore and Annapolis St. Patrick`s Parades,  the Irish Day at the Races and socials with the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) which include tailgates, dinners, dances and crab feasts.

The LAOH membership is made up of Irish Catholic women. Irish heritage may be by birth, descent, adoption, being a wife/mother of a male counterpart in the AOH or being the mother of a Junior Hibernian. The Juniors range in age from, 6-16 and they support our Irish cultural outreach through Irish dance and activities.

The LAOH motto is Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity. Our patron saint is St. Brigid. We welcome new members.


Jane Lunney, President
Phone: 410-268-7287



Jane Bannon
Phone: 410-507-1826

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Ministries and Organizations December 2016

PLEASE NOTE: This booklet is out-of-print and will not be updated. For the latest ministry information, please see the Parish Ministry & Organizations list above. This booklet is maintained on the website for historical reference.

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