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St. Mary's Parish Offertory and Restoration & Maintenance Information

The Offertory, or Collection, at Mass is an integral part of the Sunday liturgy, not just because it is the primary means by which the parish receives financial support from the parishioners, but because it is also an expression of our gratitude to God for the blessings He has given us. Through our giving, we return a portion of them back to Him for use by His Church. By our baptism as Catholics, we are called to be stewards of God’s gifts to us, to use them in ways that build up our families, our parish, our community, and our world. We are encouraged to be deliberate and intentional in weighing our various obligations against our limited resources as we decide where we spend those resources of time and money and effort. When we give to our parish and to the greater Church, we are witnessing to our children and to the world about our values and about what is important to us.

Weekly Offering - The weekly offering is to the parish what your paycheck is for your family. This is how the bills get paid: utility bills, insurance, salaries for clergy and staff, and all the other line items you see in the annual or quarterly financial reports. The weekly offering is the collection (the first one if there are two in any given week) taken up at Mass on Saturday or Sunday.

Restoration & Maintenance Fund - Maintaining and improving a historic church, a mission church, and two schools is very expensive. Gifts to this fund support needed repairs and maintenance. Recent projects paid for by R&M include:

  • Painting and relighting of St. Mary’s Church steeple
  • Replacing lighting controls in St. Mary’s Church
  • Cleaning St. Mary’s Church ceiling vents, and new LED lighting inside the hanging light fixtures
  • Altar marble repairs at St. Mary’s Church
  • New projector in Marian Hall•Repairs to the driveway concrete & to the patio at SJN
  • One automatic door at SJN•Cast iron railings repaired or replaced at St. Mary’s Church
  • 3 new poor boxes at St. Mary’s Church
  • New ceiling and LED lighting in High School hallways
  • Upper lot wiring and lighting by the Elementary School
  • Primary Building second floor hallway refinished.
St. Mary's offers various methods by which parishioners can support her mission through various offerings and collections. Each method has unique recipients and benefits both to the giver and the parish. We strongly encourage electronic or "green" giving via Faith Direct.You can sign up for Faith by calling 1-866-507-8757 (toll free),  by emailing or by visiting St. Mary’s Church code is MD38.