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With a large, complex parish with diverse interests, communication plays a vital role in ensuring that all members are kept informed about the activities and services of the parish, and that important good news and ministry information is shared with the larger Annapolis community.

St. Mary’s has several means of relaying information to its community members including:

  • Publications such as The Moorings (for parishioners), the Fleur-de-Lis magazine (for alumni, parents, and friends of St. Mary’s School), and an Annual Report
  • An interactive website that allows members to customize the information that they receive to suit their needs
  • Social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

An important part of communications is welcoming new parishioners to the St. Mary’s community and the Welcoming Committee takes the lead in this initiative under the direction of the Pastoral Council.

Ministries and Organizations December 2016

PLEASE NOTE: This booklet is out-of-print and will not be updated. For the latest ministry information, please see the Parish Ministry & Organizations list above. This booklet is maintained on the website for historical reference.

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