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Parish Support Offices

The offices that make up Support Services assist the St. Mary’s community by providing necessary business services in support of the parish mission.

Business Office

The St. Mary’s Parish Business Office serves the parishioners and ministries of St. Mary’s as the financial backbone of our parish. It is tasked with overseeing all financial matters, including all facets of Student Billing recordation, Financial Aid administration, banking and treasury management, annual budget preparation and monitoring, payment of all bills, recording of Offertory, and the administration of payroll and benefits. In addition, it facilitates the needs of the Annapolis Redemptorist community. It distributes periodic financial reports to ministries and various advisory bodies and liaison with the Archdiocesan Office of Fiscal Services in matters relating to the financial management of our parish and schools.

Facilities Office

The St. Mary’s Facilities Office is responsible for keeping parish buildings and grounds in good condition and running smoothly, allowing the faculty and staff to focus on doing their jobs efficiently and effectively. It performs day to day maintenance operations, such as cleaning, repairing, tweaking, mowing, and also responds to the needs of the community as they arise. This office coordinates the community’s use of facilities. Facilities plans and manages renovations and improvements to the existing buildings and grounds and plans and manages new construction projects. It works with the community to plan for and implement change to meet future needs.

Office of Parish Advancement

The St. Mary’s Office of Parish Advancement supports parish-wide objectives by generating financial resources, providing fundraising expertise, and educating all parish constituencies through events and communications. It provides short-term operating support through the St. Mary's School Annual Fund, capital campaigns, church offertory and Restoration & Maintenance funds, as well as building long-term support through endowments and planned gifts to provide a perpetual source of revenue. It records and acknowledges all gifts to the parish. The Office of Parish of Advancement administers events and promotional partnerships that help to foster relationships and engagement in St. Mary’s community. It provides leadership in managing and sustaining a partnership with the Alumni Association. This office oversees all communications in an effort to strategically align the St. Mary’s brand, promote our image and extend our outreach to Annapolis and beyond.

Ministries and Organizations December 2016

PLEASE NOTE: This booklet is out-of-print and will not be updated. For the latest ministry information, please see the Parish Ministry & Organizations list above. This booklet is maintained on the website for historical reference.

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