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School Auxiliary Organizations

Elementary School Home and School Association (HASA) 

St. Mary’s Elementary School Home and School Association (HASA) was founded to promote cooperation and communication among parents, faculty and administrative staff. Successful interaction serves to foster and enhance the spiritual, mental, social and physical education of all students. The functions of the HASA are threefold: to be of service to our children, school, parish and community; to provide information through a monthly newsletter; and, to raise funds to help enhance our children’s educational environment. Professionally, the H.A.S.A. is a member of the National Forum of Catholic Parent Organizations and the National Catholic Education Association. They were the recipient of the 2008 Distinguished Home and School Association Award sponsored by the National Catholic Educational Association for the substantial contributions that the Enrichment Program has made to our school community.


Christie Stack Sides '94
Phone: 410-224-4520

High School Parent and Faculty Association (PFA)

The Parent and Faculty Association is a non-profit, volunteer organization created to support St. Mary's High School.  All high school parents are members of the PFA through payment of the activity fee.  The mission of the PFA is to assist parents, school administration and faculty in developing a mutual understanding and appreciation of the mission for Catholic School education.  The organization provides a formal avenue for promoting and encouraging good communications between home and school as well as sponsor fund-raising activities to supplement St. Mary's High School's financial and material needs.


Amy Spittler
Phone: 410-897-1034 

St. Mary’s Alumni Association

The St. Mary’s Alumni Association exists to advance the interests and to promote the welfare of St. Mary’s School and its alumni and to foster close relations among them. It connects alumni to the School and to each other, provides valued services to its members, and supports the school’s mission of providing the highest-quality education to students in the Catholic tradition.


Jennifer Dieux '92
Office of Parish Advancement
Phone: 410-268-3467

Athletic Association

The St. Mary’s Athletic Association provides financial and booster support to enhance the St. Mary’s High School athletic program. The Athletic Association is extremely proud and honored to support the athletic programs at St. Mary’s High School. These established traditions continue to reinforce that athletics are as a fun, rewarding, and memorable part of the high school experience and supports students' and teachers' values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, self-esteem, dedication and integrity. The primary source of the Athletic Association’s income is derived through their catering operation. Funds are raised by catering bull roasts, golf tournaments, private parties and the Annapolis Sailboat and Powerboat Shows each October. The SMAA also raises money selling team clothing merchandise, and the operation of the Snack Shack at St. Mary’s Turf Field. The group is always looking for volunteers to assist in their efforts.


Ken Scaturro
Phone: 410-626-7297

Royal Blue Club

Established in 1989, the Royal Blue Club is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit organization devoted to fostering excellence in St. Mary’s High School Athletics through financial and booster support. The club helps subsidize the ever increasing costs of running a first-rate athletic program. It in no way replaces the efforts of St. Mary’s Athletic Association or Office of Parish Advancement. Rather, the club supplies funds needed over and above the regular athletic department budget.


Mark Murphy '90
Phone: 410-349-3863

Ministries and Organizations December 2016

PLEASE NOTE: This booklet is out-of-print and will not be updated. For the latest ministry information, please see the Parish Ministry & Organizations list above. This booklet is maintained on the website for historical reference.

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