Adult Faith Formation


Bible Studies Group - Monday Mornings

The mission of this group is to study the different books of the Bible in their historical context and to see how they apply to us today. We follow the Little Rock Bible series commentaries and questions which include both the objective facts and the subjective way it affects us. In addition, the leaders give information from independent sources that adds to the discussion. Our biggest concern is discovering how the situations and ideas apply today in our own lives, and so discussion is greatly encouraged. It's by sharing our own joys and sorrows that we're best able to encourage each other to follow God's will more closely.

We meet Monday mornings from 8:45 am to 10 am in Seelos Hall of St. John Neumann Mission Church, September through May. 


Chris Cable (a.m.)
Phone: 410-267-6621

Rosemary Miller (a.m. assistant)
Phone: 410-267-6446

Bible Studies Group - Monday Evenings

Meetings take place in Seelos Hall (or the Chapel when the hall is unavailable) at St. John Neumann Mission Church beginning at 7 PM.  For the fall we are viewing the Bible through the lens of Mothers, Lovers, Priests, Prophets, and Kings: What the Old Testament Tells Us about God and Ourselves by Mary Katherine Deeley (Liguori, 2010).  This book offers a deeper appreciation of the nature of Scripture as a Living Word, a greater understanding of the connection between God in the Old Testament and God in the New, and a better awareness of the multifaceted nature of God s interaction with us. Our reflection is facilitated by an experienced catechist for adults, Ms. Tricia Crumley. 


Tricia Crumley
Phone: 703-346-7680

Phone: 410-990-4062

Lifelong Faith Formation

Our Catholic education doesn’t stop after 8th grade; or after we receive First Holy Communion or Confirmation.  We take steps on our faith journey every day.  At St. Mary’s we are committed to Lifelong Faith Formation. Through our youth and adult religious education programs we invite you to walk with us, as we explore the road to redemption, always with the knowledge that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light.